A global movement seeking major political reform

The movement has three primary objectives that will lead to a collabracy enabling us to do what’s right for the people and planet not the pocket of the 0.1%. The only thing standing between us and real change is our own inactivity. Play your part by signing the petition and sharing the video or play a bigger role by volunteering.

Freeing ourselves of this cancerous plutocracy that serves the pocket of the wealthiest few. Moving towards a new open political system so we can instead do what’s best for the people and the planet

Plutocracy [plu-tok-racy] “a state or society governed by its wealthiest people”

Collabracy [coll-ab-racy] “a state or society governed by the people through an open and collaborative political system”

1. Demand Change
Getting our governments to agree
Be the change you want to see in the world by signing the petition, sharing with others, and demanding change from politicians.
2. Build Platforms
Vote securely from your phone
Forming a community of developers to build open source secure digital voting platforms using blockchain technology and elliptic curve cryptography
3. Co-create Process
Designing a new political system
Developing process and governance to enable informed direct participation and elected representative voting on all local, national, and international issues.
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